The Potential Impact Of Covid-19 Pandemic On Food Security In Ghana

Food Security in Ghana

The novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease that has ravished the entire world infecting some 2.5 million people and killing over 170,000 persons at the time of writing this article. More than a third of the entire world is on either a full or a partial lockdown with most economies grinding to a halt. As health systems are stretched thin in these times, so are the food systems in most places of the planet as people scramble to stock up on essential food items. Ghana, according to the 2017 Global food security index, is among the most food-secure countries in sub-Saharan Africa topped only by South Africa and Botswana. Agriculture plays a critical role in the Ghanaian economy with an 18.27 percent contribution to the gross domestic product in 2018. As the country faces a potential Covid-19 induced...

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