About Us

Suppliers of Locally Produced Ghana Rice. Wholesale and Distribution. Ghana Rice Market is managed by Teamon Company Limited a Ghanaian registered trading company aimed at promoting Made in Ghana Food Items to reduce importation, create jobs for Ghanaian farmers and improve the national economy.

Currently, our main product is the Made in Ghana Rice which is gradually becoming the preferred staple in many households, however difficult to access.

Our main offices are located at No. 1 Nii Sodza Street at Obojo, Near the St. Peters mission School. We however, work through a lot of shops and Supermarkets in many localities just to make sure that the local rice reaches you wherever you are in the country, be it an individual, group or organization.

We promote and sell rice that is grown and milled in Ghana. Currently, 80% of all grains we sell are made in Ghana. We deal directly with the producers to get you the best prices and any quantities that you may need.